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I could not remember when and if my parents had brought us out of town for vacation. All I can remember is that whenever the Holy Week comes, my uncles will invite us to join them to go swimming in an affordable resort just outside of Manila. The opportunity to go out of town (and I mean an all-out vacation), relax and have some fun only occurred when I had my first job after college graduation. The company I worked for had an annual summer vacation out of the capital city. It was my first time and first year to join them in this yearly treat.

Our destination is Boracay. At that time, Boracay is a famous summer go-to beach island by most people, local and foreign tourists. Of course, I was excited. It was not just because I would be able to go to Boracay Island, but moreover, but because the trip is an all-firsts for me: first time to ride a plane, go out of the city without the family, first time to experience the beach, boat ride beach activities and first far-away trip from the city.

The "firsts" are always memorable, aren't they? :)

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