"Ugly" and the Society's Standard of Beauty

I am not a follower of the K-pop music scene, although I find some Korean girl groups (2NE1, APink, Girls Generation) interesting and worth listening to. For one, I have been a fan of 2NE1's music since they debuted. One of the songs that is close to my heart is their 2011 song "Ugly". I don't research the English translation of Korean songs. Its beat, if I find appealing, will suffice for me to like it, The same goes for this "Ugly". But since the chorus is sang in English, it (at least for me) already encompassed the entire message of the track. From the title itself, "Ugly", it talks about anything that does not please or attract the eyes. In the case of this song, it talks about a person's physical beauty, or physical ugliness.

I think I'm ugly
And nobody wants to love me
Just like her I wanna be pretty
I wanna be pretty
Don't lie to my face tellin'
me I'm pretty

As I have mentioned, I can identify to this song. That is because I used to be teased and labeled various names pertaining to being 'ugly' either jokingly or deliberately when I was young, and I somehow still get it today. It's like you are already psyched that you are not beautiful because your looks does not conform to what the society considers beautiful. Since our [Philippine] society is apparently obsessed with mestizos and mestizas, or people with foreign looks and the mapuputi (thanks to their genes and to some, with the help of gluta), dark-skinned people rarely gets noticed. It seems like the society (and always will) associate  fair skin to beauty and dark skin to ugly, which is not always true. And most of the time, the notion "Kung maputi lang sana 'to maganda to eh" or "Maganda sana 'to kaso maitim" pops up in a conversation.

But really, is there such a thing as a standard of beauty?

PS. What do you call someone whose body complexion is a mix of dark and light? The hidden parts/skin are fair in complexion but the exposed ones are tanned/dark due to sun exposure.

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