At this day and age . . .

Life in this world is getting worse. With everything bad that we encounter and experience every single day, it is very inevitable that our minds get clouded with bad thoughts as well; bad thoughts about people, events and everything around us.
At this day and age, such bad events and bad people force us to keep our guards lifted in case we get affected. You can't blame one for doing such, though, as it is possible that even the closest person to you may hurt and betray you or even during the happiest days of your life something out of hold happens and make you feel down, desolent and disappointed.
All you can do is go with the flow of life, live through it, live it.  At the end of the day, "hope" will keep your head leveled, enough not to be drowned of misery, enough not to float of arrogance.
"Mahirap mabuhay, pero masarap mabuhay." ~~ Jose Manalo

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