Enjoying the Deep & Profound

I enjoy serious talks. I like people who do not hesitate to pour their heart out in front of me. I learn from them, but it also makes me put more value to them and give them space in my life.

Don't get me wrong. I also appreciate fun, humor, and senselessness.  But there is something about heart-to-heart talks that hit me straight to the heart. A "hit" that does not just last for a while, but I believe would last for as long as I live. Maybe there is really something about things people talk about that leaves an imprint in you, either in your heart or in your brain. You don't easily decipher what imprint it is, but you know it is there.

Talking to people who can inspire, teach, help and even lead me to something or somewhere I have not been before are good for me. It makes me see life in others, it makes me see joy and hardships in others, but it also makes me see sincerity and purity in others. Hearing stories of love, sacrifices, humor, adventure and hardships have an impact on me. It gives me the chance to bear those stories in mind and never allow it to happen to me or otherwise. Such stories at the very least give me a checklist of do's and dont's to be applied to my own life. What's more is that those stories bring me to the understanding of others, what they are and who they are as they live their lives in this world.

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