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While riding a bus for an appointment in Makati City, it just crossed my mind how I miss those nights that I need to go to work in this business district and riding a bus at 9 pm from Bonifacio Monument until I reach Paseo de Roxas St. in Makati. Almost everybody is going home while I, on the other hand, have to start my "day" yet. A few walks to cross the street, enter the building, wait for the elevator train and then press for the 10th floor of the office building. Once the time for work starts, the 8-hour relentless beeps and uttering of "Thank you for calling Reservations, how can I help you?" will commend as well. The job ends the early morning, around 7 am or 8 am. I leave office, ride another bus towards home and spent almost all day sleeping while the people, who are possibly the same bunch I encountered the previous night are taking the opposite way: rushing to their office, run the deli or even drive their kids to school prior to going to work.

I miss taking calls from foreign nationals; but I hate the mental, physical and emotional "torture" it does to my body. Or I am just incapacitated for such.
Despite that, I would not deny that I had a great (yet brief) time with some memorable people. And that can not be discounted.

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