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The child in me unleashed once again! How? Coloring books and storytelling books! I am living with a 6-year old kid together with her older sister and aunt (they are not my relatives). And this kid went home with a couple of stuff bought from the mall by her aunt. I know books like these are for kids, but I was as excited as she was to open the package! I was not the creative type of person when I was young. Art is not my thing. I can't even draw a dog. But there's something in coloring books and coloring materials that makes me feel as if I am the best artist out there. LOL! I joined in a little in reading and putting colors in all those drawings, just because I missed doing such. Hehe.

There really comes a point that you'd going to miss your childhood. You'd realize it's been years since you held kiddie things like that. Add to that you come to realize that you are getting old. Moreover, the Throwback Thursdays and Flashback Fridays on social media (especially on Facebook and Instagram) make you remember those old stuff you used to have back when you were young (Gameboy, Artex watercolor, Super Mario, boybands, etc.). The things that are so trendy back in your childhood days are now the things of the past, but definitely hold some memories for you since you were able to use it on your own or even encountered other youngsters using it.

Tangible things, no matter how expensive or cheap they are can hold tons of memories for a person. It may eventually  be thrown to trash, but definitely, before you motion yourself from dumping it, you'd recall what it were for you and what happened during the past years that you had it.

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