Of the Beaches, Mountains, Nature & People

Sunset view from CWC, Camarines Sur
It is one of my goals to be able to travel. Travel as often as I could to places where there is beauty, peace, and tranquility. I live in the city, but I really like the atmosphere in the province. It's maybe because I outgrew the urban landscape where high-rise buildings, smoke, garbage, and busy people populate all over. The ambiance of the rural area kind of brings freshness and something new to the eyes, to my eyes at least.

Long travels are tiring, but when great scenery comes along the way, it gets enjoyable. I remember when we have to bear a four-hour drive via bus for a vacation in Camarines Sur, everybody fell asleep on the way while I bear the heat of the sun penetrating through the bus window just to see the green rice fields, the little waves of the sea and the walking locals on the road.

I like the beach, strolling along the fine sands (or even the rough ones) while waves slightly touch the shore. The sound of waves on the beach is much better compared to the wave sound effects I hear on TV. I like it, it got this massaging feeling to the skin while there's a relaxing sound of it to the ears. I am not a swimmer, although I can paddle on the water like a dog. I like the feel of the water on my skin but I can't go far from 4 feet deep.

Never climbed a mountain, although I want to. Where should a newbie start? What should I prepare for the climb? The nearest I had was an hour drive to the foot of Mayon volcano (they call it the foot, but I'm not sure. But that's where the planetarium is located).

At the Planetarium (Mayon Volcano, 2013)
High School friends
And, inasmuch as I am an introvert (I consider myself one), I can't deny that it's great to travel with a companion or with companions. It may be your lover, family, friends, but traveling with the people you are comfortable to be with and feel great having around makes a journey much better and more memorable. You share fun, laughs, not-so-great encounters and pictures together. Smiling is different when you are with these people, it is not just a smile of happiness, it's a smile that says "I am happy and became happy because I am with them."

I consider myself a nature-lover. I like trees, beaches, mountains, rock formations, seas and anything that is not man-made. I got used to urban life, but I really like spending time in a rural place once in a while. Just to take a breather.

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