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Once we were strangers, but times went by and we became friends.

It's ironic that someone who is so different from me will eventually become one of my beloved people.

She's quiet, yet she has a lot to say.

Her mind works a bit differently from the rest;
She's my senior, yet she has the quirks of being the younger one;
She's petite, she's foreign and she's South Asian,
Who happens to be friends with one who is her far opposite and South East Asian.

Listening to what she has to say is never boring because you get to see things on a different perspective. She says maybe because she older than I am that is why she has a different take on things; but the truth is, she is just being a realistic and takes her life's purpose in this world seriously.

She got a lot of stories, maybe because she is exposed to a lot of things. Her world is broader than mine, that is why I like hearing her stories. She serves as my window to parts of the world that have always been unfamiliar to me, and she's the 'big sister' who tries to give me pieces of advice every now and then.

I may not have offered you something that is material for this special day of yours. So I offer you this, my dear. A piece of how I find you as a person and as someone who I spent a considerable amount of time with.

Let this be a birthday and despedida gift. For this is only what I can offer to the kindness of your heart to me. :D


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