That little, little hope. . .

While I was there standing at the side, bearing the scorching heat of the sun, I look around to see other people suffering the upcoming summer heat as well.

Kids are crying, old women look sleepy and some others are almost giving up using their hand fans to keep themselves cool.

And then I was there, with just a handkerchief on my hand, wiping the sweat that almost drips on my face when out of nowhere my eyes fall to that one corner of the place, thinking I saw YOU.

Heart beat fast, I sweated more than I previously did and my legs were shaking although I still managed to stand still.

And then I looked away, but I can't help to look back just to see if it was really YOU, but it's not.

Inasmuch as I want to deny it, I still have that little, little hope. . .  that our paths will cross and we'll see each other again because I want to see you again.

Even for one last time.

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