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I just have seen the animated flick Big Hero 6. I know it is long overdue, as this movie was shown on the big screen before 2014 ended and was released on DVD and BluRay format just three months before this blog post was written, but forgive me for being not in-the-know of the latest, as I have never been a follower of the what's in the news and what people talk about. 

This is not in any way a review nor a critique of the movie as a whole, but one side of the movie struck a chord in me: and that is the occasional hugs of this cute, huggable "big hero" of the flick, Baymax.

I do love hugs, seeing people hug and being hugged myself (although I don't get that often). There is just something about hugs that I know most people could easily explain themselves, and I could not think of anybody who would refuse to be hugged especially if this gesture comes out of sincerity and care. 

In the movie, Baymax occasionally gives Hiro, the human protagonist of the film, hugs. His point for doing such? Huggable B is programmed to take care of people in distress and "Those that suffer a loss require support from friends and loved ones." A hug might be a little gesture that only a very insensitive person, who has a heart of stone would not and could not appreciate. But for someone who has experienced so much joy, who have gone through a lot of hard times, who seeks intimacy and physical connection, a tight and sincere hug is the simplest and best thing to offer. 

Give out hugs, someone might need it now. ;-)

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