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Gaaaah! It's July 7 and I just turned a year older. I don't fret much about age, but when I realized that I am nearing what others call a quarter-life crisis, I feel like I need to worry about a lot of things now.

But the worries aside, I reflected on how my life has been and went in the last few years. Twenty-four years old may be young to others, and this may be an excuse to just have fun and get easy with life. I do understand that. But I think it matters that as people we contemplate on each aspect of our lives that makes us. We must try to figure out what works and does not work for us to become a better version of ourselves as we grow older.

Since I am now 24 years old, let me share in this blog entry 24 things that I figured out with the world I am living in and what I figured out with myself:

1. I learned that there will come a time that no one will share your misery of whatever problems you may have been experiencing. People have their own lives and have their own problems to deal with. They may not be always available to become your confidante nor your shoulder to cry on.

2. The older you get, the more you realize that only a few people matter in your life, the rest are just there existing. You can know a lot of people, but only a handful can be endeared to you. Family, a couple of friends and some close colleagues will suffice.

3. Inasmuch as you have a tough aura for a girl, there will be that one guy who will make you fall head over heels. Someone who will make you change your thoughts about being "single forever" and getting into "relationships". Haha. (wink)

4. You can do the things you want at your own pace and your own time. You do not need to hurry yourself to do a lot of things in your 20s, no one says life stops at that age gap.

5. It is never easy to be nice nor to be bitchy. Either way, you'd get pounded to your disadvantage.

6. There are people who will play the nice guy at the beginning and eventually unleash the monster in them against you.

7. Some people feel that they are entitled to almost everything. Avoid them.

8. The most unlikely people are sometimes the best companions that you'd ever meet. So better not jump into conclusion about someone's personality.

9. Tolerance (to some extent) is an important factor to make relationships work. Not just in romantic relationships, but also in other relationships we have.

10. Keep your hopes up because unselfish and appreciative people still exist!!!

11. Learn which battles to fight.

12. Diplomacy is the way to keep things in order and peace.

13. Give people the benefit of the doubt. There are times that people do bad things, or so we thought, to us. But let's look first where these people are coming from before expressing our own frustrations for their actions.

14. At times, you'd know a person's true self when money is involved.

15. Beware of people who do not celebrate and share your joy when you succeed in things. Tried and tested.

16. Culture and society may dictate how you should live your life, but remember that the power is in your hands to stir whichever way you want your life to go.

17. Sometimes, the most painful decisions are the best you can make for yourself to preserve what you are.

18. Open-mindedness goes a long way. It gets rid of too much subjectivity and judgment of almost all things.

19. Just because you are single does not mean you are miserable, not everyone who is in a relationship is happy, ya'know.

20. The right time will come for everything, but the will to realize it is up to you.

21. Others may belittle you for what you can do, but believe that there will be people out there who can and will appreciate what you are capable of doing.

22. Always remember that you have something that nobody else has.

23. Look at yourself as objectively as possible. Bias observation and perception of what you do and how you are as a person will just create a fake you.

24. Take care, love and value yourself very well. Yourself should always be a top priority, not because you want to be selfish and egocentric but because if you would not put yourself first, you cannot pull others to the top.

Good night. =)

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