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So it was July 16th, an ordinary work day for me. Or so I thought.

My typical workday consists of having breakfast, do the urgent tasks until 11AM, have lunch and complete the other tasks that are being assigned every now and then.

The foreigner boss arrived earlier this week. This is the first time that I met him since being hired at the start of the year.

So, the typical day goes. Not until 2PM struck the clock. I did not know that there will be a meeting with the boss that day, and it seemed that I was the only one in the group who cannot remember it being announced by the manager. So, we rushed to the conference room, waited for a couple of moments before the manager and the boss arrived and started the so-called "very long meeting".  They discussed some projects to be launched before the year ends, we took notes and asked questions, until the manager mentioned the "celebration" we had last week for my birthday (she flew to London on that day to meet with the boss) and said that it was a decoy celebration. Ans so the next half of the "meeting" started (READ: the real birthday celebration). Snacks where prepared, and we had this little game of question-and-answer (don't know how to call it). I got the boss's question.

That's a great question. Given the misery I cast upon myself last year for the wrong choices I made, 2015 has been my redemption year; it's my "rising-back-to-the-top" year. The year is not yet over, but let me tell you about the three people who made a mark and helped me rise in 2015.

My Manager

She made it clear to me that I am the "chosen one" for the position that is vacated in the company. It's good to hear that she decided to pick me among all the candidates, but I only felt assurance that I was the one for the job when I was handed the contract and I got to sign it. I want to thank her for believing in me and making me feel that I deserve the position more than anybody else. I also thank her for being the cool higher-up who knows how to make her subordinates comfortable, professional and confident. I admire the sensitivity that she has for the people around her especially for her team. If it was not for her, I could probably still broke until now. LOL.

My Auntie

Her name is Elvie. She has not heard from me for months since I ran away from home. I did not even try to contact her because I felt that she may be mad at me for leaving my family and live on my own. My brother phoned me and said that she wants to talk to me. He said that my aunt does not carry a grudge for what I did. And from then we started to have regular communication. She spoils me with a lot of things, particularly clothes and shoes. I am not a fashionista and I rarely buy new shoes and clothes to update my wardrobe. She's the one who does that for me. She is a provider, a generous giver although you will get the lashing of the sharp tongue every once in a while. But I thank her for being there when I need help that nobody can provide easily.


He is my colleague. The older of the two guys in the team. He is a quiet, conservative, traditional half-Chinese guy who has a fun personality, funny face, and witty humor. He's an observant, or so my manager says. This guy finds the beauty and positivity in everything, a damsel (ha!) who still has the grace amidst distress. To me, he is the very definition of humility and frugality. The guy is not a fan of luxury and trends, although I think he can afford such. Hehe. I know he has an opinion in stories I tell and how I am as a person, but I do appreciate that he sets aside these opinions and prefer to just listen and get the point of what I say. I am comfortable with him, probably one of those few guys I am comfortable with and is a close friend.

To all you three, thank you. I am not good in enumerating stuff through verbal words (the brain tends to work faster in speech than in writing) to say why I wanted to thank you nor I am good at emotional thingymajiggy conversations, but here it is, a detailed expression of my deepest gratitude for what you have done to and for me. Cheers!

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