You are no longer mine,
But I hope you are fine.
I laughed at myself.
"Mine," I repeated.
But there was never an us,
There will never be,
But I claim you as if you are definitely for me.

I have not heard anything about you since. . .
Since the last time I tried to reach out to you oh, prince.
I know you don't have an ounce of care about me,
'Cuz I was just one of those who you'd get to let time flee

But I am still amidst a confusion,
Of whether what I felt for you is love or infatuation,
For you always surround my mind and keep my heart rekindling
All those kisses and cuddles and intimacy that seemed never-ending.

It's been a long time now,
But I still can' figure out how,
That this long has past
But my feelings would seem to last
And the illusion that someday
I'm going to see you again
We'd talk like everything's okay,
And we can start over again.

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