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This was a topic I heard being discussed on The Morning Rush, a morning radio program that I have been listening to since I was in high school. It also trended on Twitter (#MyPersonalRules) and most of the chosen entries were so common that a lot of people can relate to it yet not be aware that they have the same "rules" imposed on themselves and others. As a way of participating and sharing my own rules, I'm going to write it down. I don't care if you'd find any (or all) of it weird or unsuitable to your taste; remember MY PERSONAL RULES. hehe.

1. I'm not used to sharing utensils even with my immediate family. Even if they'd just use it to get a little taste of something I'm eating, I'd rather get them their own spoon, fork or glass. Saliva-mixing is not my thing. (Gee, so no kisses for me, eh?)

2. I am not greedy, but I'd rather buy you your own food than to share mine with you.

3. Don't force me to change my mind about something. I mean the 'yes' or the 'no' 99% of the time.

4. Don't be offended if I refuse your help. I am used to doing things on my own. Or don't bother to help me, unless I ask you to lend me a hand.

5. Please refrain from making too much noise past 9 pm especially during the weekday. I am an office employee, I need to rest and sleep. (For the other people in the house)

6. If you borrow something from me, please make sure to return it immediately after use. Don't wait for me to come up to you and ask it back.

7. Just because we became close enough to be friends does not mean that I have to be with you all the time, tell you all about me and update you with the things happening to me. I am partly anti-social. I need my alone time.

8. Being late for more than 15 minutes is a no-no for me. Expect me to leave and cancel the meet-up instead of waiting longer.

9. If it is my stuff, it is MY STUFF. Ask my permission first before using it.

10. I appreciate unsolicited advice. What I don't like is an advice that is being imposed. I am in control of my life. I don't like the "If I were you. . ." thingy.

11. If I am quiet, it's because I am not in the mood to say anything or I don't want to say anything at all. So don't bother too much to blabber to get me talking. I might get pissed instead.

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