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Exactly the same day last year that I was accepted in an office job. I am not a newbie in the corporate world. This is my third office job actually. But what made the acceptance of the job I have today more memorable and satisfying is that it came during the moment that I badly needed it. Badly. And as if the year has its own fast-forward button, I reached my work anniversary already.

I always aim to do great in what I do. Regardless if it will be noticed, appreciated, commended and become the beacon of quality of work ethics. The aim of doing great somehow has repercussions (for lack of a better word). I often go hard on myself. No one pounces me hard to do great but me. I have always been like this, even in academics. Thus, I do great in work and studies but suffer in building relationships and experiencing other stuff. I am so focused on what I do that I set aside the things that somehow will create "life": friends, adventures, romance and all sort of what makes one's life. I have been like this and it already blends in my personality. Will there be an effect on how I create my life in the future? That, I don't know.

I am not sure where I got this kind of mentality. I have not seen anybody in my family who's been like this. Maybe because I don't want to see myself to be "just" one of the people around me. I want to somehow stand out. To create a reputation that is remarkable. To be remembered for something. But nah, I really am not sure.

So, 365 days have past and I have spent on a new job. I felt that the last 365 days have been a roller coaster ride of emotions, given that I pushed myself to the limit for the first 6 months, and proving that I really deserve the job in the next six. There were some add-ons in the picture that complete the story but I'd rather not elaborate on that. Pressure, tiredness, stress(?) and overworking were my major enemies in the past year, add to that some personal matters that "collided" and "intertwined" with my professional life. I thought of typing that "I resign" letter once again due to the burden of all of these, but I managed not to do so. Petty reasons to leave the one important job, are they not? Well, I conditioned myself and not let my emotions take over (#notagain) before I decided on what to do next. And so here I am, still in this job. I love what I am doing right now, and I want to keep this job rather than experience day by day hunger and isolation in the happenings around me. At least that's what my mind says.

Looking forward to 2016 and to a new 366 (because it's a leap year, haha!) days of work, learning and building myself. Cheers!

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