PROJECT DIY: Recreating something new from my old clothes

I usually sleep in on weekends. This is the only time that I can have as much sleep as I want, but this very Saturday, I changed my routine a bit. I woke up late, ate late but then I decided to rummage a box of old clothes that I have. I was planning to give it away, but since I don't have any idea whom to give it away to, I figured why not "remake" of some of it? I don't have many sewing tools or redesigning materials at home, but with just a pair of scissors, threads, and needles, I managed to recreate and make my old clothes "new".

I started with T-shirts. Unfortunately, I was not able to take a picture of most of it since I really did not have plans to post it here. But since I have a change of heart, I am now posting these. Hehe.

I hope you can use your imagination to think of it as full, sleeved T-shirts.

Here are some of what I have finished so far.

An XL size Natasha blouse. The sleeves use to drop since the blouse is too big for my size. I cut some inches on the sides and the sleeves and sewn it again together.
An old Tshirt from way back 2011 now a halter top

A stretchable, worn Tshirt with a high neckline. I transformed it into a fringe top. Might use it during beach times only due to the lowcut neckline and too high fringes that I failed to measure.
A sando-on-top-of-a-shirt blouse. I cut the sando from the bottom attachment of it to the black T-shirt, and now I got two pieces!

A shirt that became too tight, so I tore it up to a halter. hehe 

Nah, just got rid of the collar, that's all.
It's good that I have also got the lightbulb moment of doing these stuff this weekend, given that it will be a long one due to the Chinese New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choi! :)


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