8StreetBites Restaurant

So, I turned 25. I just reached that quarter-turn of my life. They say that once you hit this age, you'll start having life issues, simply because it's the age when you question what had happened, have been happening and would be happening in your life. The pressure to be successful and live abundantly are just around waiting to climb up your spine.

Yes, it did bug me a little, but while I ride the bus going to somewhere I am not sure of,  I try to shift my mindset to what I was and what I became (so far).  Hey, it is my birthday, after all, I should be at peace, happy and stronger to face the first day of my to be-26th.

I spent my Friday night walking around a mall to pass time and to post-celebrate. It's Friday and I did not do anything but to sleep the day before even if it should be a celebrated one since it was my birthday. I walked around from floor to floor of the mall and decided to try out a burger restaurant called 8StreetBites.

And then I ordered these:

  • 8StreetBites Burger
  • Freeway Fries (poured with mayonnaise, cheese spread, and meat strips topping [that tastes sweet])
  • 'Shirley Temple' drink (7-up with strawberry syrup with a cherry fruit)
  • And a complimentary glass of water

The store is called 8Street Bites Restaurant. It mostly serves burgers, fries and cold drinks. Check it out at SM Manila. 

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