Dear Me

So you, just-turned-xx-years-old lady, what is your wish? Do you have any message for yourself?

I wish myself more strength. My story is far different from my contemporaries, as I have made some past choices founded on pride, ego, and immaturity, yet here I am, living on my own, almost have cut ties with the most of my past. "Pinanindigan mo, neng." I think that is the least that I can tell people to sum up what I have been through. I have proven that I can; that traditional life that always conforms to the guiding principles of a family is not the only 'right thing', that certain choices must be done to better myself and to learn more about myself, my strengths, my weaknesses, my likes, my dislikes. I put thè decision on how to run my life in my own hands. I gave up some things and most people to find myself. Do I have regrets? I can't say. It's a choice. Should I feel regretful? I remember a friend said, "you are the captain of your own ship." Three years since I have decided to stir the ship, face the ravaging waves yet enjoy the sunshine of life, here I am, still alive, still sailing, still dancing in the sea of life until I find that right dock to rest the ship.

Happy birthday, girl. 

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