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(Took me a while to chronicle my move to a new house due to internet limitation and busy time at work.)

Finally! After weeks and weeks, I was able to completely moved into my new house. The move is due to the flatmate and her family leaving the old house; one is migrating to Australia, the rest are leaving for the province. It took me weeks to move some of my things, given that the vehicle I rented bailed out of me and I am afraid to take a taxi to move everything (I eventually took the latter, haha!)

I can't say that I had an easy time moving my stuff. I was alone, I never asked friends to help out, an officemate offered a hand but I refused. My stingy attitude and fear of being taken advantaged by cab drivers made the move prolonged until the Holy Week, but the heat of the day and turtle-speed of transferring bags and boxes from one point to another took a toll on me.
Time to unpack! 👌👌👌👌
On March 26th, I have entirely taken my stuff from QC to Pasig and arranged it. Compared to my old room, my apartment now is a bit bigger, with my clothes and trinkets of things not being crammed in a tight space. The main room has a wall separating it from the kitchen. Gone are the days when my clothes will smell like the food I eat, given that I also cook inside my small bedroom before.

I encountered a smell issue, though. When I inspected the house before moving in, the pet odor was not there, or maybe I just did not list it as one of the criteria for taking the house. I resorted to BBQ coals, but after placing two bags of it, the smell is still there. I read somewhere that activated charcoal might help, but I had a hard time finding that. Fortunately, I visited a Japanese store and found a linen and room spray. It helps a bit, but I think it would take some time before I can finally eliminate the unbathed dog smell.

I only have my basic needs packed, thus I need not rearrange big appliances nor furniture in my first week. I have to endure the heat, though, given that it was summer and I have limited air vents (windows are blocked by the house in front of me, so the air will come and go up the walls). It took me another two weeks to buy cleaning materials for the floor, the bathroom and the kitchen, given that my move coincided with the change in our payday release. Endure pet smell and slightly cleaned new house for one month, eh?

I was able to manage, though. I eventually washed and waxed the floor, scrub the bathroom floor and walls, find cords for my window curtains, buy a clothes hanger and arrange my other stuff.

It's been two months since I became completely on my own, doing my own household chores, cleaning a larger space, no one to talk to when I arrive home and coiling inside my own nook.

The morning after. :D

Looking forward to complete independence. :)

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