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I and my friends rarely meet up, but given the chance, we try to do so. And what more could be a unifying event but a birthday celebration! Nothing grandiose, we just decided to meet up in one's place, cook or order some fast food, watch movies and share some laughter overnight.

And that was what happened just over the weekend.  A dear friend was also celebrating his birthday in July (that guy in the front). Our meet up is just a post-celebration, given that his real birthday is on the 28th, but nevertheless, he made time to party with us. Nothing special was planned, I and a couple of friends since high school just went to his girlfriend's house, made some nachos and spicy buffalo wings and ordered pizza, and beer.. . and waited for him. This guy made us wait for three hours! His excuse is he fell asleep (pffft. .) but yeah, it's your day so we'd let that pass. LOL.

Hey bro, I wish you luck and success, and always keep your feet on the ground. Be the best man that you can be for the girl of your life and I look forward to more years of being friends with you. You are a definition of a modern man, and one who I see defies the stereotypical "maporma pero wala namang binatbat" kind of guy. You are so much better than that. A joker that you are, I plead to please be nice to "Inday" naman.  Haha! 

I wish I and my friends could do this more often, go out or meet up, despite the busy working schedules that we have and just chill and talk and have fun and laugh our arses off. After all, this could be a great way to avoid the "mga peste sa mundo". Hehe.

Inday was tired after all the cooking and teasing over night. :)

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