Pokemon Go is now in the Philippines!!

I was looking for what's new in the Google PlayStore and I came across a Pokemon app. I thought it was just a cheat game app but when I checked it further it is the legit Pokemon Go app! It's now in the country, available in the Playstore!

I am excited to try it out, so I downloaded it immediately. The intro to the app is very basic, you got a character welcoming you to the game/app and giving you a walkthrough on what to expect while playing the game.

And then you will be able to create your avatar to play as the virtual you in searching for cute Pokemons!!!

Dress it up and get ready to search and chase those little cute monsters. You can also set a name for your avatar. (Don't mind the GPS notification, it's the timing of the screenshot, Hehe.)

I got my first catch inside my bedroom! It was Charmander!

Now you are all set. Go out, have fun and collect as much Pokemons as you can find! (Please mobile internet, cooperate with us in this adventure. :D)

Add to this, do not catch Pokemons while driving or crossing the street! Be safe while playing, please!

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