A year it has been: My 2016 in retrospect

And here we are once again, bidding goodbye to 365 days and welcoming a new 365 days of our lives.  We may differ in experiences and encountered different things, but one thing is for sure: something happened to all of us.

My 2016 is full of memorable events; the happy, the sad, the awkward and the embarrassing moments. But we have to accept that every single one of those tells a story about us, right? Thus, it completes us, the puzzle that is our life.

My 2016 consists of five best and memorable moments of the year. The events that gave my nonchalant life a bit of color, positive vibe and stories worth telling.

1. The new look. For someone who is not interested in the salon and girly perks, trying out a new hair color, a bit of lipstick and having her nails done are unfamiliar "activities" to deal with. But I did appreciate that it gave me a whole new appreciation of myself. I don't do the girly pampering that often, but when I do, I feel that my confidence level gained a few plus points. Hehe.

2. Living on my own. The runaway me is now a bonafide "independent". Soloista. After my landlady left for Australia, I was forced to find a new home. This time I learned to be on my VERY own. Pay my own bills, fend for myself, cook my own food, do my own laundry and so on.

3. Keeping in contact with friends.  It became so natural to my set of friends to set and schedule an out of town trip every year. We rarely go out, social media keep us in touch, but nothing could compare to a personal interactions. The laughs are more felt, the stories are told vividly, the bond is tighter. Their presence makes me realize that the people who were once strangers to you can give you so much to remember.

4. The "celebrated" birthday. My birthday used to be a normal day. I could not remember a single time that I had a party for my birthday when I was young (well except for the first), nor do I have it now as an adult. But to go out and be with my friends and enjoy great food this year while receiving the birthday greets are enough to change what used to be a plain and simple day to an indeed celebrated birthday.

5. The move to the new office. Things like this needs adjustment. You'll be dealing with a new place, new management and new set of people. It is a huge leap for me because it made me realize that I am indeed in the corporate world. I have a job to do and I am part of a growing business.

I wish everybody a great celebration and welcoming of the year 2017. I do not usually say "may the new year be good to me" or any of that sort, but instead do a fist bump and say "New year? Bring it on!"

Happy new year!

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