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After lengthy planning on where to go for a vacation, I and my friends decided to spend a couple of days in Baler, Aurora. Most famous for being a surfing spot in the country for those who love to tackle against huge sea waves and strong currents, Baler is indubitably one of the beach destinations to go to.

Of course, local and foreign tourists need to find a place to stay at as they enjoy the heat of the sun and drizzle themselves with ocean water. After deducing three beach-accessible accommodations, we came down to one, and that is at Mama Nene's Transient House.

We were 13 people on a tight budget, so an affordable accommodation is the best option for these travelers. :p

Mama Nene's Transient House is an 8-room, 2-floor accommodation that has a communal kitchen and cooking amenities. Located at Barangay Sabang, Baler, Aurora, the property is situated strategically around the city's common variety stores, and other establishments where you can purchase cooked and even fresh foods. It is very accessible to and from the beach. A five to ten minutes of walk (up and around a high-end accommodation, Costa Pacifica) will do. 

Panoramic view of the vicinity from the transient house's terrace
Each room has two bunk beds, that can cater four to five people on each bed. An add-on mattress is available, thus there'll be extra space for two-three more guests. During our visit, Seven of the eight rooms are air-conditioned, while the eighth room has two wall fans installed. The toilet and bath amenities are impressive for a budget-friendly stay, The bathrooms are equipped with a shower head, flush and bidet for the toilet bowl, a small lavatory and a bathroom mirror. You will not feel shortchanged as the toilet is very spacious, clean and well-sanitized.  We got to stay in Room #6, where a cable TV and two electric wall fans are also available.

These people did not give me the chance to do my "photoshoot". Aahhhhh!

The basics of the room: bunk beds, the spacious toilet and bath, and an extra mattress, side table and TV.

I was not able to snap pictures of the kitchen and fridge that are located on the ground floor, but basically, this section of the transient house is usable by all guests. A two-burner stove, a sink, and a preparation table are available, The fridge is free for all if you wanna keep your beers and sodas chilled. :) 

The 13 of us only spent around 3000 or less (can't remember, I did not handle the team's finances, hee!) for this wonderful and comfortable accommodation. You might want to check it out and give it a try when you consider to spend some time in Baler. You'd not regret it as at a pocket-friendly price, you get a cozy room to sleep at, plus access to basics accommodation. And you get to meet the nice and welcoming owner, too!

Check out the other rooms and more details about Mama Nene's Transient House on their Facebook page. No need to worry about query responses, they immediately attend to your questions (particularly if you do it via private message). :p


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