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We spent two days in Baler, the last day was allotted to visit the famous waterfalls in the municipality, called Mother Falls or Ditumabo Falls. The waterfall is located at Barangay San Luis, Baler, Aurora, and despite it being "hidden" (you have to travel inside a barangay and up towards it), Ditumabo Mother Falls is a sure tourist-getter.

We traveled to Barangay San Luis at around 6:30am. Upon arrival, we were met by the locals and the staff managing the entry of tourists in the place. There is a mandatory tour guide, well they can be better-called trek guide, as we follow them to reach the falls.

Our trek guide, Kuya Tomas told us that it will take 20-40 minutes to reach the falls. But let me give you a glimpse of the "cake" before we get to taste the "cherry on top".

A huge, long hydro pump that reaches the falls.

The long walk starts now!
Wildflower spotted!
See this strong flow of clear water? Ditumabo gives that. :)

Crossing a bamboo bridge, You'd see a donation box beside the bridge. Give a little. :)

Halfway through the trek, A bamboo bench is available. You can stop over for a while and catch breathe.

There are at least three to four food stores uphill, you can get your breakfast, reserve your lunch and grab some merienda. We had lugaw prior to the morning trek and asked another store to prepare us some lunch once we come down. :) 

The walk is not the only factor that made the trek challenging and difficult. At times, we have to pass through strong currents and even come up and down thin, weak bamboo ladders. The paths are just thigh-deep though, but be careful not to lose your shoes or slippers because of the strong water current!

We were the first ones to be guided towards the Ditumabo Mother Falls, however, tourists started to arrive around 7:30 onwards, thus flocks of people are trekking simultaneously. 

We have to cross this narrow walkway. Our tour guide consistently reminded us to walk quickly and do not stand close to the rock wall as rock fragments may fall.

I so love this part of the stream. I don't know why but I admire the formation and scatter of huge rocks on it that made the flow of the falls water more "dramatic". Can't find a word to describe it. :p

We also came across a small waterfall. Aptly named "Baby Waterfalls".

And now, the STAR of the TREK. (No pun intended)

I am not going to flood you with words, just enjoy the waterfalls through the images.

I so love that mist of water that is a result of water from the plunge pool.

At the far left of the Ditumabo Mother Falls is a small waterfall where it is safer to soak yourself from shower-like bath than to come near the Mother Falls.

Lovers in Ditumabo?
Bonding over a cold stream/waterfall bath.
#TeamTummy (Thanks to our tour guide Kuya Tomas for taking this picture)

Don't bother too much about the cost of the trek. We only spent 300Php for the tour guide pay, 35pesos for the entrance fee, 50pesos for parking and a small amount for donation along the way of the trek. Food for breakfast will cost you around 25-40Php while lunch starts at 45Php.

Trivia: When we had lunch, the food seller told us that the Ditumabo Falls is a "family falls". I am not quite sure if that is true, but she said the baby and mother falls were what we saw uphill, and there is also a twin falls. While the "Father Falls" is four hours away from the Ditumabo Mother Falls.

Naaah. 😛😛😛😛😛😛😛

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