A day running errands in Philippine government offices

I ran errands on my government IDs, cedula, loan application inquiry within the week. I just want to share my experience but more of observation during my transactions in some Philippine government offices. I tried to do almost everything in one day. Unfortunately, I only accomplished my transactions in SSS and the Pasig City Hall.

At SSS (East Ave.):

The Good

  • The staff that attended to me in my UMID application were all nice and polite.
  • Since the whole floor is divided into sections, it's easy to find where to submit your application, pay for the application or contribution, etc.
  • Timed transactions. I am not sure how they gauge it, but as a client, you'll be provided by a stub showing the start of your transaction. 
  • May I also include that their email CSR is also very responsive. It took a while during my first email inquiry, but the preceding inquiries were responded within 24 hours.
The Bad
  • Lighting and ventilation. I hope they fix the lighting inside the Member's Assistance Building. I find it to dim inside. The transaction counters are very well-lit, but the client sections are dim-lit. It's not that hot in the building when I went this week, but I wish there'd be a better airconditioning.
  • Qeueing in the data capture. Please provide the people manning the data capture booths a megaphone or microphone so that they can be heard enough by the waiting clients. Just like what the counters 40-50+ have when calling on queued applicants (And please fix that dilapidated ceiling ASAP. Rainwater should be pouring outside the building not inside.)
  • Paper work. I still find too much paper work in the process. Filling out too much forms takes too much of the time. They better promote downloadable forms from the SSS website, it might help curb the queues and waiting time
  • The customer service hotline is unreachable most of the time.
  • The website is not user-friendly. I hope they optimize it for Google Chrome users since Chrome is more widely used.

At the Pasig City Hall

It's my first time to go to the Pasig City Hall, and this is because I need a cedula.

The Good

  • The city hall has the "office vibe". It's very obvious that construction and maintenance are well-funded. I saw a couple of entry systems being installed (not sure if they are also body scanners or just ID scanners.)
  • a floor map is provided for people who are not familiar where to do their transactions. Security personnel welcome inquiries of the "naliligaws"
  • I applied for a cedula, small forms are available in one of the building pillars. The sections of the floors are named, thus, it's easy to find which window you should go to do a transaction.
  • A city hall personnel calls on PWDs, elders, pregnant women who need to be prioritized in their transactions.
  • Computerized transaction. Staff keyed in the details I input on the form to the computer, in just a few seconds, the cedula with my computer-printed details was given to me. I paid my due and in just 10 minutes I am done! (But I don;t agree with the cedula application. Come on, that's double taxation for an employed person like me!)
The Bad
  •  I have yet to see the whole facility. So no bad points for Pasig City Hall for now. :)


Okay, this one is not office-related commentary. I have yet to go to an HDMF branch (since I have an issue with my contributions and personal MP2 savings).

The Good

  • Thumbs up for the 24/7 PAG-IBIG hotline. I tried to call around 12:30am and a staff welcomed my call!
  • The IVR system is so short that you'd be able to reach a CSR in just a few seconds.

The Bad

  • Thumbs down on the email inquiry facility. I haven't received a response except for the auto-generated one.
  • Instructions about deposit or remittance of voluntary contribution and savings should be clearly drafted to cater to "self-help" people.

I am planning to apply for a PVC postal ID the same day I dealt in SSS, HDMF and Pasig City Hall, but I ran out of time. I might do some time soon and see how the government staff there accommodate us civilians! :P

*Sorry I was not able to provide photos. I did not have a decent camera when I went to the offices!

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