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I went to the mall and ate out. While on my way home, I experienced knee pain. I had a hard time climbing down the overpass as I can't bend my left knee. Upon reaching the base of the overpass, I held on a tree branch nearby and tried to bear the pain as I did not know what to do. 
Two guys who happened to pass by approached and ask what happened. The older guy came nearer, kneeled and held my left sheen tightly.
"That (knee) got dislocated", said the younger guy. "Let's go," he added.
"Just a moment! You see she's hurting!", the older guy blurted out.
The older guy held my left leg tighter and said to me, " Massage it (my knee)."

Took just 30 seconds and I am fine again.

Sorry wasn't able to say thank you properly, and I mean facing you and looking at you eye to eye. Thank you, Sir.

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