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Some people get offended when they are called maleducated, even when they are acting like one.
Some people take pride of their accomplishments in life too much that they feel they've already attained everything in life, as though no one is in the position to say something to them.
Some people act as if they know everything, when there's no harm in saying "I am sorry, I do not know the answer to your question."
Some people will spit derogatory and curse words even if they already don't make sense and are only trying to save face so as not to appear that they are on the losing end of the argument.
Some people will just resort to name-calling and shaming by using the words "gaga", "bitch", "asshole", "tanga", "moron", "estupido", "go fuck yourself", "go eat dick", without presenting a concrete argument to prove their point.
And some of them are Filipinos. Or maybe most?

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