Alone But Not Lonely: How to Spend Your Time When You Do Not Have Friends or Family

Have you ever been in the situation where you do not have anybody to run to?

Have you ever been in a situation when there was no one you can think of that would understand you or was willing to listen to you or spend time with you?

Have you ever felt so alone?

I do. For so many times, I felt I do not have anybody. When I am in pain, I do not know who to call for help. When I need to voice out my problems, I feel like nobody's willing to listen. When I want to spend some time out, I do not have anybody to spend time with.

I am a self-confessed loner, yet at times I look for a companion. But I am not a "friend-magnet", I am not the type who has a bubbly personality, I am not the people person who could approach anybody with a smile and say "Hi!", thus, I end up alone, on my own, my own company. I am not close to my relatives as well. I don't know, I just gradually and completely chose to get away from them. No communications, nada.

But I got used to it. I don't look for anybody anymore. I wake up and plan the day ahead for myself. I do things on my own, spend time on my own, spend money for myself, plan things I would like to accomplish-- for short term or long term.

Let me tell you things that you can do keep that feeling of sadness (or the feeling of having no one for me) out from your system.

1. Keep yourself busy. I am employed in a company. Within the nine hours that I am in the office, I make sure to just think of the tasks I am supposed to accomplish for the day. No daydreaming, no killing time savoring on non-work thoughts, no side-thoughts of non-work ideas. Just work. When I was a student, I rummage through dusty and dirty bookshelves for foreign magazines and books that got my attention. Read books, watch a whole TV series, redesign your home, recycle your clothes into new outfits-- just keep your hands, mind, and body busy with something worth doing.

2. Learn something new. Enroll in short courses. Watch Youtube video tutorials. Learn to drive, learn computer coding, or anything that would add up to your skills. Not only that you are able to spend your day or time productively, but you gain something new that could be an asset for future plans and opportunities.

3. Go to places. You can travel either local or international. While this may sound expensive to others, it is one way to go on an adventure and test your capability to stand on your own. Check online for great (and safe) places to spend time alone at. If going out of town is not yet affordable for you, check out museums, film festivals, free park tours and exhibits near your locale.

4. Volunteer. Charity work does not always demand money as help. Time, effort and energy are donations/contributions that would not require you to shed out money. I have yet to do this myself, but I am interested in volunteering for animal shelters and social welfare activities.

5. Do part-time jobs. Online and home-based jobs are a trend nowadays. If you get to spot a half-a-day job online, take advantage of it and apply for the job. You get to earn without leaving your house, although not that much compared to a full-time job, you get to spend your time productively while earning cash.

Spending time alone is beneficial despite many saying alone time is sad. You get to know your environment, you get to know things that you might not have noticed when you are preoccupied with someone. You get to know YOU-- your interests, your likes, and dislikes, to get think of your future, to think of your life's purpose.

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