#VlogSquad: The Perfect Mix Of Fun, Meaningful, Comedic Youtube Entertainment

I got hooked watching Youtube videos lately. The time I have in my hands is too much that I tend to binge-watch for hours and hours a day.

I learned about the "Vlog Squad" just recently. A group of vloggers who are friends-collaborators-Youtube creators that happens to have a huge following in the Philippines despite not being television staples. Their medium? Youtube. These vloggers create their own arts, stories, "shows" through the popular video-streaming and uploading platform. The group has "members" come and go, but these three members, Wil, Daniel and Haley are here to stay.

1. Wil Dasovich
I knew the name because I heard of his condition through a news article from GMA and also because his illness became a trending topic on Twitter. Weeks after, the name popped into my mind and I had the sudden urge to search the name "Wil Dasovich" on Youtube. The rest is history. I watched one video and could not get enough of it and watch another...and another and another. There were times I sleep late and wake up early just to watch his videos. In my mind, he is the guy na nasobrahan saTiki-Tiki---so full of life, so loud, so talkative,  so energetic. The introvert in me says "he is a nightmare to be with". Haha.

Reason to watch his vlogs: He became popular as the Tagalog-speaking foreigner who is also fluent in beki language (Swardspeak). If you want a lot of loud and tummy-hurting LOLs, go watch his videos. While the video thumbnails will piss you off (I was at times) because of its clickbait-ish nature, his vlogs will not. This guy knew and loved fun. He likes to be surrounded by positivity and all good things. Ayaw niya ng stress, besh. Hindi niya keri. Keep smiling lang, and be kind to others. Always do something new every day, and face your fears.

Youtube page: Wil Dasovich
My Favorite Vlog from Wil Dasovich:

90-yr-old Filipino Online Sensation is Back! (WORLD'S CUTEST LOLA)

2. Daniel Marsh
A current staple in Wil Dasovich's vlogs (they are best friends AFAIK), Daniel Marsh is an Irish-Filipino model and a former member of Juan Direction (dunno what that is, a local boyband?), but is also a known Youtube vlogger who now has over 200,000 following on Youtube. He can speak Tagalog, but a better Cebuano language speaker. I have yet to see all of his videos (I am not finished with Wil Dasovich's vlogs) but I have seen a couple and I must say that this guy's filmmaking ability and video editing skills are hands down...awesome.

Reason to watch his vlogs: If you want the "wow" factor in Youtube video quality, check out his page. He creates awesome videos (READ: super trailers) that are partly cinematic, and partly... vlog. His vlogs are thematic, sometimes (or mostly) heart-wrenching. Go check out the comments on his vlogs, and his name is almost synonymous to "best /great cinematography". I am giving him thumbs up for almost always featuring children and elders, all this while spoiling the viewers with wide angle and drone shots of the beauty of places here and abroad. Another thumbs up for the well-chosen scoring of his vlogs. Makes you go "what song is that? where can I find it? I wanna download it!"

Youtube page: Daniel Marsh
My Favorite Vlog from Daniel Marsh:

For my Filipino Mom - A Himalayan legacy

3. Haley Dasovich
I learned about this girl through Wil Dasovich's vlogs. A Filipino-American-Croatian-Irish girl who quit her job a year ago to pursue vlogging due to the encouragement of her younger brother (I heard that from one of their vlogs, AFAICR). I haven't seen all her videos (again, not yet finished with Wil's), but I guess I can say she's my "Get Into Vlogging" inspiration. The queen of the DGAF squad, she's giving me the "maarte-but-not-so" kind of vibe that is not annoying or polarizing. I L-O-V-E her. I wish I had her DGAF attitude and confidence.

Reasons to watch her vlogs: She quit her job in San Francisco to pursue vlogging. She gets to enjoy and earn at the same time through it (who would not want that, people?!?!?). Some people may find too much LOL-ing OA and tiresome, and superb cinematography boring, but Haley's vlogs are simple, and give you the perfect vibe that she is personally talking to you while showing you things and the world through her POV and her camera's lens.

Youtube page: Haley Dasovich
My Favorite Vlog from Haley Dasovich:

Why I Don't Wear A Bra (Hanging in AMALFI ITALY)

So far, I only follow a few vloggers (Andi Manzano, Coraleen Wadwell, Wil, Haley and Daniel). I am not into make-up tutorial, fashion and any type too girly kind of vlogs, so my preference might not be interesting to you. I learned about foreign vloggers like Casey Neistat and Christian Leblanc, however, I do not follow them as much as I do the Vlog Squad. I found Kyle Jennerman's vlogs as well. Might check it out anytime soon.

Go Vlog Squad! 

*Feature photo was screenshot from Wil Dasovich vlog (I badly need a feature photo. The best one on IG was too small. Sorry, Wil)

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