Standing Up for a Dog

I just need to unload this out here. 

I am not the confrontational type. I rarely do. The last time I did was when someone tried to justify that it is okay to cut in line. Yet I went out of my "zone" again and did confront someone. The reason? A human hit an animal.

Just this evening, after a quiet day working in the confines of my house, I heard the landlady's dog cry multiple times. Cry in pain--you'd know if a dog was hurt. I went down from my house and see the landlady's husband in the driveway. I asked him what happened and why the dog is crying too loud in pain. He can't answer me directly. I insisted on questioning what happened, he said the dog created a mess (bits of carton papers on the ground).

"Nasa'n yung aso?", I asked. I found the dog hiding, looking too fearful under a makeshift table. Seeing that dog in that state, hiding and in fear provoked my emotions.

And a confrontation ensued. I can't help it. It was too much. It is not the first time that I heard the dog in pain. I aired my side, saying to the man that it is unreasonable to hit the dog for biting papers into bits because the animal does not know that what he was doing is messy.

"Bakit, sino ka ba? Bakit ko kailangan magpaliwanag sa'yo?" (Why? who are you? Why do I need to explain myself to you?)

"Taga-renta ako dito, naririnig ko yung hiyaw ng aso." (I am a tenant here. I hear the dog cry in pain.)

"Oh, eh ano ngayon? Sino ka para manita?" (So, what? Who are you to reprimand me?)

"So ano gusto mong gawin ko? Hayaan lang kita na saktan yung aso?" (So what do you want me to do? Just allow you to hurt the dog?)

"Wag kang pakielamera! Hindi ko kailangang magpaliwanag sa'yo!" (It's none of your business. I don't need to explain anything to you!)

We kept arguing while I took the dustpan from his hand and pulled the broomstick stuck on the rail gate. I cleaned the "mess" the dog did and throw it in the trash bin.

"Sa tuwing uuwi ka hindi pwedeng hindi mo sasaktan yung aso!" (Whenever you arrive home, it is impossible that you will not hurt the dog!)

"Eh ayan nagkalat eh, nagrereklamo na yung isa (don't know who that is) na makalat eh." 

(He created a mess, one person has already been complaining because of the mess.)

"Hindi naman alam ng aso na nagkakalat sya eh!" (The dog does not know that he's creating a mess!)

"Bakit sino ka ba?!" and then he repeated "Hindi ko kailangan magpaliwanag sa'yo!" (Why, who the heck are you? I don't need to explain to you!)

"Animal abuse yang ginagawa mo, wala kang ginawa kundi saktan yung aso!" (That is animal abuse, you don't do anything except hurting the dog.)

"Bakit may patunay ka?" (Do you have a proof?)

"Wala, pero yang mga hiyaw nang aso naririnig ko!" (None, yet I hear that dog's painful scream!)

I finished sweeping the paper mess and decided to return to my house upstairs. Little did I know he is behind me. It is nonsense to argue with him because he just kept saying that I don't have a say on what he wants to do with the dog. I threatened to report him for animal abuse, and the reply I got: "Eh di magreport ka!" (Go ahead and file a report).

I already did actually, months ago. Yet this kind of issue requires a physical proof. I was advised by The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) of the steps to do. Yet I do not know how to get that one evidence to strengthen my claim of abuse.

I am already a step up to my house when he spoke up and said, "Ako nagtitimpi lang ako sa'yo ah. Makasalita ka parang hindi mo din sinasaktan yung aso."

"Kailan ko sinaktan yung aso?! Sige sabihin mo!", I retorted. (When did I hurt that dog? Tell me!)

"Akala mo hindi ko alam? Nabali yang panungkit dahil pinalo mo sa aso!" (You think I did not know? That pole hook broke because you hit the dog!)

That instance that he is highlighting was when I bent broke that long clothes polehoo. Not because I hit the dog; but because I held it tightly despite it being an old, thin, rusty aluminum trying to shoo him far away back so I can go out the gate. The dog follows me out of the gate and it is difficult to make him return inside the house. That never hit the dog's body (the dog's traumatized enough of that guy's beating that it gets scared of the dust pan, pole hook and water whenever he sees it in my hand). I replaced the pole hook and left a note to the owner (his aunts). Who the fuck is his "reliable" informant that I hurt the dog with that thing?

That dog only cried ones because of me since he arrived in that residence. That was when I went out to buy my food and I stepped on him not knowing he's going to jump on me (because of the food). I even said sorry to the dog! Of course, no one has seen it because most people in that house are out busy working on their jobs.

It did not stop there. He started a personal attack. The personal attacks were "based on what he sees on my Facebook account". I used to be Facebook friends with him, together with his wife, mother in law, and a nephew(?). I unfriended him for the major reason that he started beating the dog months ago. Suprisingly, he has something negative to say about me based on my social media posts, to think he has not been in my friends list for a long, long time now.

I restrained myself as there's no sense talking about my social media posts as it is irrelevant to the issue. I am living for more than a year as a tenant in his in-laws' property, rarely go out of the house and talk to anybody and I'll be judged based on my Facebook posts? Wow. How mature.

The wife arrived. Witnessing us from the house gate arguing. She watched and asked me to just go upstairs to my room/house to avoid further arguments.

While closing my house's gate (that's my door, in a form of a gate), I bid my final say, "Sa susunod na magkalat yang aso, ako na maglilinis! Nakakahiya naman sa'yo!"

While his ego, still ignorantly high, responded "Huwag kang pakialamera."

Kuya, kahit saang anggulo mo tignan, your treatment of the dog is not reasonable. Kahit ano pang personal na atake sa pagkatao ko ang gawin mo, hindi mo maaalis na nananakit ka ng hayop, bordering the behavior of an animal abuser. (Mister, however you look at it, your treatment of the dog is not reasonable. No matter what personal attack you have against me, you can't hide the fact that you are hurting an animal, bordering the behavior of an animal abuser.)

I never heard the dog cry in pain when the others in the house try to shoo him away for blocking the gate, preventing him from going out or separating him from the pet kitten of another resident in the house. Your treatment of the animal is the worst among all the people in this residential compound! 

You are lucky you are not caught on tape. But your wife herself knows how you treat that dog. She's even courageous enough to call you out whenever you hit the dog over and over. And I commend her for that.

Sorry, but your ignorance and justification for your wrong deed to the animal are really unbelievable. You are a danger to any kind of pet animal, because you don't have the heart and compassion for them.

I may be kicked out of the house after this incident. I am still not sure. If that happens, I will gladly accept. What's important is that I was able to stand up for this dog at least once. And let him feel that someone values his life. But my heart will ache as I know this dog will still possibly suffer at the hands of that insensitive jerk in case I am already gone.

EDIT: I communicated to the wife of the offender and expressed my apology for the altercation. I hope that this does not happen again, and informed her that a complaint of violation of the Animal Welfare Act can be charged against his husband. I do not want to reach that part, yet when all else fails, I will use it as my last resort to save that little pup from any more beating. I offered to adopt the dog and keep it in my house instead, but she did not say anything and just apologized in behalf of her husband.

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