A Quiet Place...that is not so quiet?

Watched it at the cinemas alone. This is a win (if the movie really used proper sign language) and lose (because of that high-frequency feedback) for the deaf and mute community.

A torture naman for a magugulatin like me.

Kudos to the actors led by Emily Blunt for the great acting despite the challenge of not having the benefit of "expressing more" through voice.

While some people might think that the movie has a very shallow plot and resolution (just like the strangers I watched alongside with), in my personal opinion, the movie has touched on a few things that really matter:

1. How would you protect your family if the elements you are/will be facing are more powerful than you?

2. What risks would you take to keep the family surviving and create an environment as normal as possible despite the challenge of living a life in silence/minimal sound?

3. Making your children realize that they are loved is the greatest motivator, inspiration and confidence booster you could ever give to a child.

I do not consider it a horror movie though, but it indeed gave a huge suspense story and I gotta credit the "gulat" scenes as they did deliver in giving me the occasional shocks.

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