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My impulsive decision to go out of town on my own for my birthday means I have to prepare and plan on my own, research things on my own, check deals and places to go to on my own. Since the plan is to visit and walk around Baguio, I aimed to visit the most common tourist spots in the city, those that are very popular for non-locals to go to. Hey, remember this was my first time travelling on my own, so it was better to be safe and start with the most common tourist-attracting places.

So, upon Googling some information about Baguio, I listed down the most popular places that I could visit. All this planning happened less than 48 hours before I booked a ticket to Baguio. 😂😂😂

Burnham Park
Baguio City Public Market*
Session Road
Baguio Museum
Diplomat Hotel
Emilio Aguinaldo Museum*
Laperal House
Stobosa Artwork
Baguio Botanical Garden
Camp John Hay*
Tam-Awan Village
Wright Park*
The Mansion*
Cemetery of Negativism*
Mines View Park*
Ben Cab Museum*

Too many for a weekend visit and one-night stay in Baguio, isn't it? Nevertheless, I did what I could and manage my time to see and visit as many places as I can.

I listed all this down and tried to check how far each is from my accommodation (I trusted Google Maps but I failed somehow).

*was not able to see the place due to time and distance constraints.

On my first day in Baguio, I toured the ones that are just a kilometre away from Finteo Skylands where I booked a room for a night. Armed with my Google Map, I was able to roam around Burnham Park and then went to Session Road and Baguio City Museum. Because of my poor navigation skills (despite using Google Maps) and asking locals for directions I was not able to go to Baguio City Public Market and Malcolm Square.

This may sound stupid, but I thought that since the whole area is just less than two kilometres I can visit all through walking around, so I did not hail a taxi or ride a jeepney for the five hours that I spent checking these places. I ended up going back to my apartment building tired and hungry. But it was fun to walk around as the weather in Baguio is chilly; the rain occasional poured down and it drizzled a bit at times, but I enjoyed figuring out ways around the city. :)

On my second day in Baguio, I considered staying for the whole day and pay extra for the accommodation so I can visit all the other places on my list; however, I ended up doing a rush, timed visits to some of the 2 to 3 kilometres-far tourist spots until my check out time at 12 noon. Considering the travel time going back to Manila and giving my body a rest before the start of another workday the following day, I decided to go to the bus station and head back to Manila at 1pm (arrived at 7pm).

I will plan better next time. :)

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