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It was my birthday. I was never the type to make a big deal out of a birthday. I don't do big celebrations during this day that should be special to me. I wake up, do my usual ordinary routine for an ordinary day and that's it.

However, this year, as I turn 27, I decided to make something different for myself. I thought about going out of town -- alone. The thought scared me a bit but the urge in my mind and heart was too strong I cannot help but to push through with the plan. I did not have a specific place in my mind that I want to go to badly; I just want to go somewhere out of the city. And then it popped out, Baguio. At this time of the year when it is rainy and typhoon season? Yes, that's a bit of a worry. I was supposed to travel on the exact day of my birthday but the cold-cough-fever combination sabotaged it. I postponed it until the following weekend.

Come the said weekend, I even last-minute hesitated as the rain poured so hard. Yet the urge "Hindi, 'ni! Tuloy mo!" was so tenacious I can't help but just go with the plan. I could not sleep a night before the day of my supposed trip, and my hands were too busy scrolling for accommodations near Baguio during the wee hours of the morning. The thought of traveling alone did not make me sleep!

But there I was. After the final 8-hour workday on a Friday, I traveled to the bus station and hopped in in one of the midnight trips going to Baguio. And that became the start of making a different life goal for the loner me.

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