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Embarking on a journey out of town is easier now--at this age of Internet and Google-- as figuring out which places to visit, arranging tour plans and setting accommodation reservations can be conveniently done through the Internet.

I did my own internet research about the tourist hotspots in Baguio; and, while my list of go-to places in Baguio is "too basic" for a traveller, I made it a point to visit the some of the best tourist magnets in the city. 

Here is my list of the must-go-to places in Baguio City:

Burnham Park

The Burnham Park is probably the main and most popular landmark in Baguio City. The park is the centrepiece of most of the go-to places in the city (Tam-Awan Village and Valley of Colors to its north, Ben Cab Museum to its west, Mines View Park to its east, Camp John Hay and Baguio Museum to its south). Tourists would enjoy park activities such as biking, boat ride and jogging here.

Baguio Museum
The Baguio Museum must not be missed when you visit Baguio. Why? The museum houses significant artifacts that represent what Baguio used to be before the heavy urbanization and industrialization of the city. The three-floor premises displays great pieces from the "old Baguio", such as farming gear, suits and armours, daily livelihood materials by the mountain people, among many others. I spent a good 45 minutes to an hour inside the museum reading historical tidbits and trivia about the displays.

Diplomat Hotel

If you are looking for some scares to couple with the chilly weather in Baguio, might as well visit the abandoned Diplomat Hotel. The abandoned site is situated at the top of Dominican Hill in Baguio, past the St. Lourdes Grotto. The abandoned hotel, also known as the Dominican Retreat House is rich in history, as its function as a property changed over time until it was left unused for good before the start of 1990s.

Laperal White House
While it may be a private property, the Laperal House became one of the tourist attractions in Baguio City. The house used to be open to the public until 2014 as it used to have a museum inside the house itself and an artwork gallery in its basement. 

Stobosa Artwork

You may get the chance to pass by the Stobosa Artwork Homes when you do a road trip around Baguio City. This village is a collection of colourful houses situated at the foot of a hill in Sitio Botiwtiw in La Trinidad, Benguet. 

Baguio Botanical Garden

Manila has its Rizal Park; Baguio has its Burnham Park. Manila has its Chinese and Japanese Garden, while Baguio has a wide acre of property for its botanical garden. Upon entering this vast enclosed green park, you will be welcomed by a series of hues from a variety of flowers and plants surrounding the property. 

Tam-Awan Village
Tam-Awan Village is not a village per se. Instead, it is a reconstructed property reflecting how Baguio was once was before modernization was embraced by the city. The Tam-Awan Village is a steep climb uphill, but definitely worth every step. The Village has its own cafeteria, a painting gallery for works made by Tam-Awan local artists, a wishing well and a huge man-made dreamcatcher. If you want to experience the nipa hut accommodation while you stay in Baguio, the village also accepts guests and room reservations.  

There are many other places worth visiting in Baguio that I missed going to. I could have extended my stay for one or two days more, however, I am pressed for time to go back to Manila for my work schedule. Some other point of interests are:

Baguio City Public Market
Emilio Aguinaldo Museum
Camp John Hay
Wright Park
The Mansion
Cemetery of Negativism
Mines View Park
Ben Cab Museum


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