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A story to end the weekday:

On my way home, I saw a scavenger finding junk items in the trash.

Me: “Kuya, kumukuha kayo ng mga bote?”

Him/Her: *nods*

Me: “May bibigay po ako.” *pointed to where my house is*

He followed me and I told him to wait for me. I took a huge black bag full of plastic and glass bottles from my kitchen (as in besh para akong may nakatambak na malaking bulto ng kung ano sa kusina dahil sa mga bote ng suka, toyo, dishwashing soap, etc. na hindi ko tinatapon 😂😂😂)

I opened the gates and handed over to her the bag (I realized he is a she, with a boy haircut).

Me: “Ate, ito na po.”

Her: “Ay naku salamat po, may pangkain na kami.”

For me, it is just trash that I want to dispose of, for her, it is already a meal’s worth for her family.

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