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It was a sunny afternoon.

We arrived at the Francisco B. Reyes Airport, or more commonly known as Busuanga Airport. In less than an hour we reached the island of Coron via Philippine Airlines. Took a 20-minute van ride from the airport to the lodge we made a reservation at. I honestly don; have an idea of the whats of this trip to Coron. My friend from work set and arranged all of this and all I have to do is to give my share of the expenses. 🙆🙆

We were booked in Acacia Garden Inn. An 18-room accommodation situated in a very quiet neighborhood the Acacia Garden Inn is close to the town proper and some of Coron's best tourist attractions. Bamboo-fenced and is surrounded by a lot of plants (the plantita in me was so happy!), the place is simple and seemed to be on a budget/economy type of accommodation.

bamboo living room set with coral in living room table

tables and chairs dining area in hotel

hotel balcony view with a lot of plants and trees in the surrounding

We stayed in one of the standard rooms and just added a fee for an extra bed (there were three of us in this trip). The room is smaller compared to the usual standard rooms I stayed at in other accommodations but decent enough for a place to stay at to sleep in and keep your things in while your up and about throughout the island. 

two bedrooms with a bed on the floor
A standard room in Acacia Garden Inn has two semi-single beds

The bath has the standard shower (hot and cold), sink and toilet. There is a provision of complimentary shampoo, conditioner and bath soaps. Individual towels are also provided. The room is fully air-conditioned and cable TV is readily available (which we have never used as far as I can remember).

Our three-days and four-nights reservation includes breakfast selected from either the Filipino menu or Western/Continental menu (we opted for the Filipino breakfast of course!). I was not able to capture photos, sorry!

Check out a short video I shot of Acacia Garden Inn below.

If you are on a budget and are not looking for anything too fancy to stay at in Coron, Acacia Garden Inn may be the perfect accommodation for you. A great place with a very fresh and natural surrounding that offers decent rooms and breakfast. Mind the air-conditioning though, it kind of whirs.


Affordability: 💗💗💗💗 - won't break your pocket for a three-days, four-nights stay.

Cleanliness: 💗💗💗💗 - minus one heart for the dropping curtain rod in the bathroom.

Convenience: 💗💗💗💗💗 - it's near the town proper where you can grab a lunch or merienda at any of the bar or restaurants nearby.

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