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If you are a stored-value beep cardholder, you have probably regularly checked how much funds you still have in your beep card. Your beep card is a powerful plastic that allows you to travel "cashless" from point to point within Metro Manila.

As a beep cardholder myself, I check my beep card's balance through the following ways:

1. Through Coins.ph app. 

This will only work if you have an active Coins.ph account that you can log in to and your mobile phone is NFC-enabled (not available for iPhone devices). Just log in to your Coins.ph account and search for the beep icon, keep your beep card close to the back of your NFC-enable phone and wait until your balance displays on your mobile phone's screen.

2. Through the beep card dedicated app

Download the beep card app to your smartphone (available in both Android and iOS devices), create an account and add your card. You may need your card number to be able to do this. The card number is usually at the back of the card. For beep-linked cards (i.e. BPI Amore prepaid, Gcash, Paymaya cards), the card number may appear at the back of the card with a label "CAN" and starts with six digits ~637805.

These two ways are the most convenient ways for me to check my beep card balance in just a few clicks on my phone.

There are other ways to be able to check your balance that you may want to try:

  • through one of the Ticket Vending Machines (TVM) located in LRT and MRT stations around the metro 
  • through beep scanners in Ministop
  • through beep kiosks

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