2022 Goals

There is more or less a week to go before we leave the year 2021 behind. We can't deny that this year has not been easy for most of us Filipinos. The world has opened up and eased up on COVID-19 restrictions while we just decided to ditch the face shields! Nevertheless, we keep going. It's a struggle, I know. Every day is like preparing yourself for a battle. We do not have a choice but to fight back and be tougher.

So, what is this blog entry about? Well, I want to list down the things that I want to focus on, achieve, and accomplish in 2022. I want to create a goals list or plot some great-to-achieve milestones for next year. It will help me focus on things that matter and would matter in the next three to five years, maybe? It will drive me to work harder and make myself better. 

1. Switching jobs

I resigned. I know people will call it stupid to leave a stable job that is the main source of income without having a new one ready. But we all got reasons. We just take risks that we believe are worth taking in order to bring peace of mind to each of us.

2. Upskilling

If there is one lesson that I learned from my father is "always learn new skills". It amps up your confidence, opens more opportunities for you to earn from, and adds up to the skills or services that you can offer to earn money. I understand not everyone has the time and effort for this, but if ever you got the chance, please do. You'll never know how much that small but extra money you earn could help you get by with daily expenses.

3.  Saving and Investing

I have started reading up about investing in real estate, stocks, and mutual funds this year. I opened accounts and funded each. And as I have saved and started investing with a small initial capital, my goal for 2022 is to be consistent about it. I know it will be tough as I have made choices that will affect how I can pay and save for all these, but I am doing the work so I'd get by. :)

4. Budgeting

Inflation sucks! And while everybody's struggling as prices of necessities are getting higher than ever while our monthly paychecks stay the same, budgeting is a must! I don't usually do this but I may need to use a spreadsheet to track the incoming and outgoing money from my pocket. EVERY. CENTAVO. COUNTS.

5. Be a better human being (and a mentally confident one)

The last two years have been challenging. It tested my willpower and how I cope with things, may they be easy or difficult. Things being easy is kind of a no-brainer. I can handle it. The difficult situations . . . let's say they provoked and showed the worst in me. I don't know if I am overanalyzing myself too much or this is a product of what I have been through, but difficult situations did give me perspective. It made me realize what and when to hold on to because it will all be worth it in the long run and what to let go of because all my efforts will just be lost cause. It made me take accountability but also unburdened myself of the things that are not my fault and out of my control. That sometimes, it's okay to give up and shift focus to other important matters. May I be mentally stronger come next year to not allow people to burn me and deny the validity of my judgment and feelings.

Photo credit: "New Year fireworks 2016" by simon.inns is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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