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I am a paradox of everything. Sharp-tongued but sensitive, fighter but a cry-baby, a hardworker but a couch potato.

I am not a story-teller. At first, my aim when I started this blog is to make it my online diary, Write the things rumbling in my mind and just "voice it out somewhere". I wanted to keep this blog as personal and as sentimental as possible. I started with the majority of my entries as thoughts that run in my mind; those that just popped out unexpectedly, the things that I realized amidst a long journey to somewhere (or even during heavy traffic ;) hee);  stories that I dreamt about or were enshrouded from my memory.  It serves as my bin. The receptacle of both my wasted and deep thoughts.

But I eventually loosen up, bit by bit. I write when I feel the sudden "itch" to write. I write when I thought of something worth writing about. I resort to writing in this blog when I want something out of my mind; when a "how" pops in, I find a solution and write it down.

Why did I call this blog "The Mercurial Dudette"? I don't have a broad vocabulary, but I learned somewhere that mercurial is synonymous to 'moody', which I am while dudette is the female version of dude, although I was reluctant to use the word since it is already obsolete in usage, I did anyway. Blog titles must reflect who you are or the purpose of opening the blog, ayt?

Reach me through themercurialdudette@gmail.com

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