Let's Start Exploring That Convoluted Mind

(Welcoming you Maleficent-style) Well, hello there!

Welcome to my blog! I decided to start this blog primarily because I write. . . for a living and for my own entertainment. This blog is a personal one, tackling the many, many convoluted thoughts that run through my mind almost every day, or whenever I kinda feel talking to myself. I do keep a physical diary, but at times, I am too lazy to hold that pen, scramble words on paper and make errors that make a single page look messy. Besides, an online journal/diary is better in a lot of ways, (i.e. because you just need to tap on letter keys and when making mistakes you can quickly delete it) except when the power is out.

I do not intend to write viral entries that will pull readers, traffic or attention. I just want to write down the things that pepper my mind. I just want a release. I just want to voice it out. Blogging is my resort. But just in case people find my entries interesting and can identify to it, feel free to come aboard and explore the thoughts in my convoluted mind, mate!

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