Weekend Bonding With Colleagues at Indigo Bay

Some of my colleagues and I decided to take a break from our exhausting and time-consuming job away from the city, somewhere where we can be free to be loud and be crazy.
So with a quick search and resort canvassing, we ended up in Indigo Bay in Pansol, Laguna where we rented a villa and private pool for a one-night stay.

We drove for around 2 to 3 hours during the night to get to Indigo Bay and we stayed in this "house".

A two-storey villa that can accommodate 20+ people complete with bunk beds, toilet and shower, and air-conditioned rooms. The other girls and I stayed on the second floor, where there are four bunk beds and 3 mattresses placed on the floor. The room is cold enough and wide enough to move around in. The guys' room was at the ground floor with 2 queen-size beds, and a sofa bed.

I gotta love the toilet not because it is fancy and grande, but it is clean and it got warm bath water! Yasss! I am not a fan of cold baths, and definitely a shivery type when it comes to baths and water, but I love love love that the property has provided lukewarm water for evening showers and baths.

Dining and "party" happens in this space near the pool; equipped with tables and chairs, dishwash area and a karaoke machine. The property also offers a free use of the gas stove and barbecue grill. Just a tip though: Better yet bring your own kitchenware (knives, pots and food containers), as stores and wet markets may be too far for your liking. Feel free to sing your heart out amidst the silence of the night. My guy colleagues enjoyed the night so much as though they had an all-night concert with all the jamming that they had! I am not sure how the entire Indigo Bay property looks like, but we were never asked to tone our party noise down even during the wee hours of the morning.

The pool is divided into two semi-attached pools for kids and adults. If you are not a fan of cold pool water for a night swimming, you are going to enjoy swimming at this place as the pool water temperature is a bit lukewarm. I think the water is chlorine-free as well as I did not feel nor smelled any chlorine at the time.

Showers and toilets are available near the poolside and there is no need to queue in line to be able to use it as there are three for each.

I have very limited great shots of the place, but I think I have shown you the basics of the villa we stayed at. You can visit the Indigo Bay Facebook page for more villas that you can choose from as there are other great choices and bigger villas that can accommodate you and your family and friends.

That was an abruptly planned, weekend bonding and destressing for us. That's the least that we can do in the little time we can spend away from the very tiring job that we have. :)

Photo Credits: Ehd Ramos

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