My Weekend Day Tour in Dingalan, Aurora

I had the spur-of-the-moment decision to do an out-of-town trip the previous weekend. The choices were Sagada and Baler, but because of some opposing opinions and suggestions from people I know who have been in those places, I decided to take a trip to Dingalan, Aurora -- a 5- to 6-hour trip from Metro Manila.

Dubbed the "Batanes of the East", Dingalan is a quick getaway from the busy metro just before you reach Baler (which is a 10-hour trip from Manila).

What to Do in Dingalan, Aurora

As my time in Dingalan was very limited, I was only able to do some activities via land and water.

Plunge in the Dingalan White Beach

Behind the Dingalan White Beach are the trails to the Mountain View and Lighthouse. It is also where tourists have their cottages where the boodle lunch will be served.

Climb rock formations and enjoy a high sea view

We anchored in one of the rock formations and tried rock climbing. From here I enjoyed strong and refreshing wind gusts while appreciating the sea.

Enjoy a picturesque landscape by trekking to the Mountain View and/or The Lighthouse

A 25-minute climb to the narrow trail was a struggle for a non-hiker like me, but upon reaching the top, the struggle to breathe was replaced with a deep sigh of amazement once you get to see the mountain borders that separate the mainland from the vast sea.

The trek to the Mountain View tired me, thus I just enjoyed the view of the lighthouse from it.

Dive into the cold waters of Tanawan Falls

Tanawan Falls maybe not as huge and as magnificent as Ditumabo Falls of Baler, but it is still a sight to see. The path to Tanawan Falls is literally a rocky one, as we have to ride a tricycle and traverse a muddy and rocky road. 

Tanawan Falls is a tourist spot, so expect that it will be crowded as local and foreign tourists are visiting in hordes. 

Share a boodle fight meal with other local tourists

Our tour guide, Sammy has prepared for us a sumptuous lunch on banana leaves, aka boodle fight. Prepped with warm rice, our lunch consisted of squid, grilled fish, roasted pork, prawns, steamed mussels, grilled eggplant and okra partnered with "tako" and chili-kalamansi in soy sauce. 

If not for the high waves during my trip, we could have gone to Lamao Cave, however, we mutually agreed with our tour guide not to pursue as the waves are getting higher and our boat might not be able to traverse against the waves.

The day tour in Dingalan cost me roughly Php2,000 - Php2,500 because I booked a joiner tour.

Here's my effort of a video edit for this trip:

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