Pancit Batil Patung: Stir-Fried Noodles Cagayan Style

It was my last day in Tuguegarao. What else could be a better way to conclude my trip but to do a "food trip"?

Pancit Batil Patung (or Pansit Batil Patong) is a renowned local dish in Tuguegarao. I attest to this as an old lady in the Centro (Tuguegarao's business district), my tour guide during my climb to Callao Cave, two tricycle drivers suggested to me to try it out and were willing to bring me to the best pancit batil patung stores in the Centro.

Using Google Maps, I searched for the best-rated and often visited pancit batil patung restaurant in town. I picked the ECP Panciteria, more known as Lamud's Panciteria or Lamud, a "hidden" panciteria two kilometers away from the hotel I stayed at. I say this panciteria is hidden because it is off the road and you have to pass through an alley to reach it as it is situated and surrounded by residential areas.

Lamud's Panciteria may look like an ordinary panciteria, but they sell tasty and tummy-filling pancit batil patung.

The pancit batil patung in Lamud's Panciteria is priced at Php60, Php70 and Php80.

Pancit Batil Patung is one unique noodle dish made up of miki noodles, ground carabao beef, topped with a sunny-side-up egg.  This is not your ordinary pancit where the ingredients are all mixed together; instead, the dish is presented in a "patong" (one on top of the other) fashion -- miki noodles at the bottom, topped by the ground carabao beef and then the sunny-side-up egg. Not only that, it has fresh onion garnish and it is paired with beef broth with a poached egg.

A noob to the experience and unfamiliar with the dish, I asked the panciteria staff (not sure if he is also the owner) if there is a (sort of) proper way of preparing and mixing the pancit batil patung. He said there is none, but one must make the condiment mix of lime juice (kalamansi) soy sauce, vinegar and garlic "perfect" for one's palate to add to the taste of the already tasty pancit.

Thinking I still have the appetite of a viking, I went and ordered for the medium pancit batil patung for Php70 (a choice I regretted as I ended up bloated and too full to finish the last two spoons of the dish. Hehehe). The dish did not disappoint in taste as it was definitely tasty (the ground beef and all), the amount (for that much of a plate is very sulit), and price (less than a Php100 per plate).

I may have traveled by tricycle two kilometers far to visit Lamud's Panciteria to try Cagayan's very own pancit batil patung but there are no regrets as I get to experience this unique dish in the actual city where it came from and in one of the best-rated (accoording the local ratings on Google Maps) pancit batil patung restaurant in Tuguegarao.

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